Hello Sky Families!

June testing time is coming up, and it will be scheduled this year for June 16th-19th.

If you need to schedule an alternate testing date due to prior responsibilities or a conflict please contact our school to schedule a testing date for before the scheduled June testing dates. 

This testing will have two different available options again. 

The first option we have is in-person testingFor in-person testing we request the following:

  1. Go to calendly.com/skywarrington.
  2. Follow the link and click on the testing option to schedule your belt testing time for either Wednesday, June 16th or Thursday, June 17th.
  3. Come in for testing at your scheduled time. Parents will not be allowed in the studio at this time due to limited space. Please come prepared and ready with your full uniform and belt. No gear is required.

    The second option we have for our students is virtual testing with private in-person board breaking. Full uniforms and belts are required for virtual testing.

    Videos have to be sent by Monday, June 14th to Thursday, June 17th.

    1. The test will be done via video submission. Students- with their parent's assistance- should record their:

      -          Ten Basic Motions

      -          Kicking Combination

      -          Form

      -          Belt meaning

    2. The video should be one take, no cuts, and all skills should be included in one video. You may record as many times as necessary to show everything to the best of your ability, but you may only submit one video for review. The video should:

      -           Be one take (no cuts or edits)

      -          Show the student's entire face and body

      -          Be filmed head-on, with the student facing the camera 

      -          Recorded in a space large enough to accommodate all skills, with minimal background noise

      -          Show ONLY the student

    3. Email the file of your video to skywarrington@gmail.com, send through google photo, google drive, or post your video on youtube and send us the link.

      You can view an example here:


    4. Board breaking is required for virtual students this testing period and each student must schedule a breaking time on calendly.com/skywarrington
    5. Follow the link and click on the Board Breaking option to schedule your board breaking time for Friday, June 18th or Saturday, June 19th.

      Testing fees are consistent with previous testings and we accept cash or check only:

      White/Yellow: $50.00

      Orange - Blue: $60.00

      Purple and up: $70.00



      Finally, for anyone who is unsure, here is a breakdown of the techniques to be demonstrated in the video by belt level:


      Little Tiger:

      Ten basic motions, kicking combination (knee strike/front snap/ax kick, stripe belts should show kick/spin around/ kick), Tiger form, answer “why do you need training for taekwondo, what three things are good for your body and mind, how many times should you be asked to do something?”, breaking (white: hammer fist, striped: pushing kick)



      Ten basic motions, kicking combination (knee strike/front snap/ax kick), Form 1  & Belt meaning,  breaking (Hammer Fist), mental training 1 to 6 in English



      Ten basic motions, kicking combination (knee strike/front snap/kick/ax kick roundhouse kick -Teen & Adult group should add sidekick, and do all combinations on both sides), form 2, belt meaning, breaking (Pushing Kick), mental training 1 to 12 in English



      Ten basic motions, kicking combination (kick/kick/spin around kick), form 5, belt meaning, breaking (flying side kick), mental training  in Korean



      Ten basic motions, kicking combination (skipping kick/kick/spinning hook kick), form 9,  belt meaning, breaking (spinning hook Kick), mental education



      Curriculum C (purple, red, and brown belt): 3 Ten basic motions, 3 kicking combinations (front snap/roundhouse/ax kick), form 8, form 10 part 3, belt meaning(purple, red, brown and Jr.black belt) mental education, breaking (360 back kick)


      1st Dan Black Belt:

      Nunchuck basic motions (up to your number), kicking combination (Front snap/roundhouse/ax kick, both legs, your number), Koryo, Taekuk 3 jang, black belt principles (your section), breaking (one step tornado kick)


      2nd Dan Black Belt:

      Bo staff music form (up to your number), kicking combination (front snap/roundhouse/ax kick, both legs, your number), Taekuk 8 jang & Keumgang, black belt principles (your section), breaking (Palm Strike)

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