Our experience here at Taekwondo Warrington has been amazing with Master Terry. We really appreciate how well he understands a child’s needs and helps them be great at what they do. We love it here👍🏼

Rose Seelagan

I have had the honor studying in Master Terry Kim for a couple of years. He is compassionate, exciting, honorable and absolutely fun. Being under his study I obtained my 2nd degree and thank him for his patience and time at helping me me between learning the curriculum and excelling to do my best. He is a great Master and wish he was closer to where I live.

Christopher Xeng

The instructions work very well with both of our young children. it is great exercise and helps to teach confidence in themselves, respect for others and self discipline.

Kyle Ovens

Incredible instruction for our girls. The level of commitment and enthusiasm that Master Terry exhibits for his students is admirable.

Kristiana Apuzzio Witt

My Emily is a student of Master Terry, she adores him!!! She loves learning and she has fun!! Master Terry is wonderful with the kids and if you are looking for a martial arts class I highly recommend going to see Master Terry!!!!

Karen Magnuson-Scannapieco

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